Friday, March 13, 2009

The Beginning of Our Quest

Scott and I have always been quite the consumers. We know it and sometimes we try to tone it down but for the most part we consume with joy. After Scott's hours were cut last month we were faced with a lot of decisions about how to work out a new budget. Part of our plan is to rein in our spending. This means breaking years of shopping habits. It is something we've discussed many times in the past, but mostly we have hoped that we would just break the cycle by not passing on our habits to our kids. Now we are excitedly, and sometimes not so excitedly, working on a quest to break out consumerism.

It has almost been 4 weeks since we started our new life. I can count on one hand the number of times we have eaten out which is a huge accomplishment for us. There are many times when we are out and about that one of us will suggest stopping for a quick drink or just dropping by store X just to see what they have. Thankfully one of us is still on track and guides the straying sheep back to the barn.

Our goals when shopping are to get things that we need (obviously), buy items that don't have a lot of packaging to throw away, watch what is on the ingredient list, and make more things at home. If there is something that we could attempt to make as long as we had the right materials then attempt we shall. No need here for the individual packaging, that is too much waste for this household. The list of things that we used to think we "needed" was huge. Now our whiteboard list is pretty empty and that space is being filled with things to do instead of buy.

Today was a big test. We dropped off a big load of things at Goodwill. Then....we went in. dun dun dun. We both looked at the clothes, then the knick-knacks, and furniture, and the baby things. We walked out of there with a button-down shirt that Scott needs for school, a spool of new thread for my sewing projects, and a very nice reversible jacket for when Leo is a bit older. Oh, and a crib mattress that we got free because it was being donated but Goodwill refused it. I was very proud of us. We passed this test. I am sure there are many more to come. Wish us luck.


ram said...

I think your quest is a wonderful one, and it sounds as if you are making good progress with it. I know you might have tough times sticking to it, but I admire you for doing it. :)

Melia said...

It sounds like you're off to a great start!